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How much do you know about Madonna? 
1.  This is a two-parter:  1)What is the title of Madonna's first album? and 2)What other title for this album was being considered?
2.  Madonna won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her work in which film?
3.  Who directed Madonna in Dick Tracy?
4.  During which show did Madonna proclaim 'I wanna rule the world?'
5.  Which of the following celebrities did not appear in the movie 'Truth Or Dare':  Rosie O'Donnell, Antonio Banderas, Kevin Costner or Sandra Bernhardt?
6.  Which Madonna song contains the lyrics 'Happiness lies in your own hands?'
7.  Name her two videos that Madonna dressed up as a Geisha.
8.  Who was Madonna's singing partner on the song "Love Song?"
9.  In which state was Madonna born?
10.  For which soft drink company did Madonna do a commercial for?  (hint:  it was later banned)

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